What are the Chinese Punctuation Marks

Like English, there are many punctuation marks to organize and clarify the Chinese language. There are some similar punctuation marks as well as some different marks. So, what are the Chinese punctuation marks? In fact, we can categorize the Chinese punctuation marks... read more

8 Hours a Week Mandarin Chinese in UK School

As China is gaining more and more power, Mandarin Chinese as a language is gaining more and more attention. So it is not surprising to read the news from UK on Sept 07, titled as “More than 5,000 children to learn Mandarin  as part of the £10m scheme to make... read more

Your guide to Chinese Visual Dictionaries

Dictionaries are important for language learning. Visual dictionaries are especially important for young language learners. Visual dictionaries normally have both pictures and words next to each other. The vivid pictures make Chinese learning much more fun... read more

Colors (颜色)

The world is colorful. Colors are so important that we see them, touch them, play with them all the time. In language learning, colors is an important topic too. Once the children learn the colors, they can further make the connection of the objects of the colors. The... read more

Chinese Summer Theme Word Wall Words

It is the last school day here! Summer vacation officially starts today! The kids are busy at end-of-year parties. Soon people will go on vacation — the sun, the beach and lots of fun! Here is the list of Chinese Summer Theme Word Wall Words for you just in case... read more

Learn Chinese Pronunciation by Heart

If you ask a Chinese learner, “what is the most difficult part when you learn Chinese? ” Most likely, you will hear “Chinese characters” and “Chinese Pronunciation” as the answers. To learn Chinese characters, it takes time,... read more

Chinese Story: Baby Owl Who is Afraid of Darkness

There was a baby owl who, unlike other owls, is afraid of darkness. This worried his parents because it is owls’ duty to watch out the forest at night. So they took the baby owl to the witch asking for advice. The advice is that the baby owl has to get a courage... read more

Sing Children’s Songs, Learn Chinese

It is well known that music helps children’s learning. A soft background music can help enhance the concentration of the students. It creates a calm and relaxing learning environment which benefits both teaching and teaching. Music and Rhythm Benefit... read more

Chinese Tongue Twisters for Children

You know the famous tongue twister “She sells seashells on the seashore”, right? Try to read it several times, how do you feel? A very good way of learning a language is via tongue twisters. Tongue twisters can really train the tongues to twist to make the... read more

Create Chinese Learning Project with Adobe Voice

Little projects make language learning fun. Chinese learning can be so much fun with the aid of technology. Here I would like to show you how to use Adobe Voice, an app available for iPads and iPhones, to create some easy projects for Chinese learning. Adobe Voice is... read more

36 Chinese Pictogram Characters

Chinese pictogram characters are an essential part of Chinese characters. Over time, Chinese characters are developed based on several strategies. Some Chinese characters, including commonly used ones, were originally pictograms. They symbolize objects or express... read more

Spring Theme Word Wall words in Chinese

Spring has come. The weather is getting warm, flowers blossom, grass turning green and leaves are growing… We can see blue sky and white clouds. There are so many little animals: ducklings, chicken, sheep and bunnies… It is a beautiful season and there are... read more

Oh Life The English version of Chinese song Later

Do you know that some popular Chinese songs have their English versions too? Sofia Kallgren, the Swedish singer, re-sings several Chinese songs in English. Life is one of them. It is a song sung by Ruoying Liu, named “LATER”, which was popular in China for... read more

Picture Book in Chinese: Rosie’s Walk in Chinese

Picture books is a great way to introduce reading to children. There are many excellent English picture books now available in Chinese. Rosie’s Walk is one of them. This is a very simple (yet surprisingly sophisticated, from a humorous point of view) story. A... read more

BBC Chinese New Year Documentary Series

Chinese New Year, or Chinese Spring Festival is the biggest celebration for Chinese people. People travel from everywhere in the country back home to get together with families to celebrate it. Here I would like to share with you a 3-part series of documentary videos... read more