Books for Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Every autumn, Chinese people celebrate a very special day, Mid-Autumn Festival. It is always the 15th day of August according to Chinese calendar. Usually it falls in September or October. In 2017, it is going to be Oct 04. Oct 04 2017 is the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival!... read more

How to Say School Subjects in Chinese

After a long relaxing summer vacation, it is back to school time! It does not matter if the children are excited, or anxious, or both… they are ready for the new school year! By the end of the first day, most students have their timetable in their hands. The timetable... read more

Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide – 都

葡萄和苹果,我都喜欢。 This sentence can be translated into English as “Grapes and apples, I like both. “ As you have guessed out, 都 (dōu) means “both” in this case. Have a look at the sentence below: 葡萄, 香蕉和苹果,我都喜欢。 This sentence is “Grapes,... read more

Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide – 也

My friend is going to the library. I am going there too. This is a simple sentence. Do you know how to say it in Chinese? “我的朋友去图书馆,我也要去那里。” 也 (yě) means “too” or “also”. In Chinese, it always comes before a verb or an adjective. 也... read more

Chinese Vocabulary Study Guide – 不

不 is a common word in Chinese. It literally means “no, not”. In this vocabulary study guide, I would like to list some rules of how to use it in Chinese. Used to Negate a VERB 不 is generally used to negate a verb in the present of future tense by simply... read more

12 Proverbs with Similar Meanings in Chinese and English

Some proverbs have the similar meanings in both Chinese and English, although the expressions are different. For example. “Burnt child dreads the fire. ” in Chinese, the corresponding proverb is “一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳 (literally means, “He who was once... read more

Chinese Gardening Theme Pack for Children

Spring has come. It is the time to plant seeds, flowers and do some gardening job. It is also a good time to teach the children some gardening words. I therefore created a Chinese gardening theme pack for children. The pack contains the following printables:... read more

Tricycle Runs Fast- A Chinese Song for Children

This song is a classical Chinese children’s song. It tells a story that an old lady taking a tricycle. She was asked to pay 50 cents, but she paid 1 dollar. Isn’t that strange? A little monkey is so hungry that it cannot jump. It was given a banana, but it... read more

School Objects in Chinese – Learn Chinese Vocabulary

What are the important things for a child? Objects for the school! Here are some commonly used school objects in Chinese. It would be useful for the children to get to know them all! 铅笔盒 qiānbǐ hé pencil-case 钢笔 gāngbǐ pen 铅笔 qiānbǐ Pencil 记号笔 jìhào bǐ marker 尺子 chǐzi... read more

Common Public Area Signs in China

Public signs are very important. Many signs in China look similar to the ones available in Europe, USA and other countries in the world. Familiar Public Area Signs For example, NO SMOKING is pretty much the same. 禁止吸烟 Jìnzhǐ xīyān No Mobile Phone looks similar too.... read more

30 Useful Chinese Sentences You can Speak to Easily Impress Others

It is very important to know the basic Chinese sentences in order to conduct conversations in Chinese. Here are 30 sentences you can learn to start dialogues in Chinese.   能耽误你一点时间吗? Néng dānwù nǐ yīdiǎn shíjiān ma? Have you got a minute?   有笔借我吗?Yǒu bǐ jiè... read more

How’s the Weather? – Learn the Weather Words in Chinese

How is the weather? In Chinese, we say 天气怎么样?Tiānqì zěnme yàng? Is it sunny? Is it rainy? Is it little cloudy? Is it snowy? Is it windy? Is it foggy? 是晴天吗? Shì qíng tiān ma? 是下雨吗? Shì xià yǔ ma? 是多云吗? Shì duōyún ma? 是下雪吗? Shì xià xuě ma? 是刮风吗? Shì guā fēng ma? 是多雾吗?... read more

Using Spaced Repetition System in Chinese Learning

What is Spaced Repetition System Spaced Repetition Learning System “is a learning technique that incorporates increasing intervals of time between subsequent review of previously learned material in order to exploit the psychological spacing effect.” (wikipedia)... read more

Learn Chinese – Nations and Nationalities in Chinese

When we introduce ourselves, the countries we are from and our nationalities are important. To say nationalities in Chinese, we get to learn the names of countries first. The Chinese word for nation/country/kingdom is 国家(guójiā).国(guó) is used many times to indicate a... read more

Year, Month, Date in Mandarin Chinese

How to say Year, Month and Date in Mandarin Chinese? Are they very different from their equivalents in English? Are they difficult? These are common questions Chinese learners ask. First of all, year, month and date are easy in Mandarin Chinese If one knows the basic... read more