The torch has a very strong Chinese flavour. The shape of the paper scroll and the lucky clouds graphic expresses the good wish for the relay and Olympics Games.

Some facts about the torch:

  • It is 72 centimetres high, weighs 985 grams and is made of aluminium.
  • A torch can usually keep burning for approximately 15 minutes in conditions where the flame is 25 to 30 centimetres high in a windless environment.
  • The torch has been produced to withstand winds of up to 65 kilometres per hour and to stay alight in rain up to 50mm an hour.
  • The flame can be identified and photographed in sunshine and areas of extreme brightness.
  • The fuel is propane which is in accordance with environmental guidelines.
  • The material of its form is recyclable.

The Olympics torch relay concluded successfully in San Francisco, USA. Great job!

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