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Picture book in Chinese – Starry Sky

This is a very beautiful picture books written and illustrated by Jimmy Liao. On the preface of the book, it reads “Wherever there is shade, there is light.” The story is about a young girl who felt she was not understood by adults and therefore she closed her heart to outside world. She was lonely and unhappy. Until one day she met a boy who was unhappy too. These two young children however found a way to be open to each other, esp. when they went to a mountain area looking at the starry night. It is a really touching story about adolescents seeking to find themselves. The illustrations, as in all of Jimmy Liao’s books, are amazingly...

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How to Say Trick or Treat in Chinese

Today is Halloween, is your child ready to go for “Trick or Treat”? It would be cool to know how to say “trick or treat” in Chinese, right? OK, I am going to tell you: Trick can be translated as “捣蛋” (dǎo dàn) Treat can be translated as “招待”(zhāo dài) So, put them together, we say “捣蛋还是招待” (dǎo dàn hái shì zhāo...

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Why Does Mark Zuckerberg Learn Chinese

Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, had a half-an-hour talk in Tsinghua University in Beijing on Wednesday (Oct 22). He surprised and amazed the audience by having the talk in Mandarin Chinese! His tones were not perfect, but good enough to be understood. It is quite impressing. OK, why does Mark Zuckerberg learn Chinese? He mentioned 3 reasons: 1. His wife, Priscilla Chan, is a Chinese. Her family speak Chinese. Mark obviously impressed her grandmother when he spoke Chinese to her! 2. From business standpoint of view, he wants to study Chinese so to better understand the culture. He has plans for Facebook to enter China and a good grasp of the culture would definitely help. 3. As Mark Zuckerberg put, “I like challenges”. This explains why he has achieved so much — not only his success in her career, but also picking up Chinese which is one of the hardest language to learn, esp. at adulthood. When you look at Mark in this video, you will notice how relaxed he was, even he was speaking a newly learned language and in front of a group of highly educated people (Tsinghua University is one of the very top universities in China). He was very confident, apparently enjoying speaking Mandarin, quite opposite to most adults who feel self-conscious when they speak a new language. But that is how all language...

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Charlie and Lola 5: I love going to Granny and Grandpa

Charlie and Lola are going to the house of their Granny and Grandpa’s by themselves. Lola was worried that she would miss her invisible friend and her parents, so she wanted to stay at home instead. Charlie convinced her that she could write a postcard and send it home everyday so her friend and parents know what is happening. Lola liked the idea and went with Charlie. In Granny and Grandpa’s house, they had great...

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Chinese People in the Eyes of Laowais

In China, foreigners are called 老外(literally, it means Old Foreigner), which to some extent reveals Chinese people’s feeling towards foreigners — they are not only different, they are also old. It applies to westerners when they meet Chinese people. Cultures are so distinctively different, the languages have nothing in common, the living styles are simply different, even the look is completely foreign. As in China, a foreigner sometimes does not feel at home, a Chinese can often feel awkward in the crowd of westerners outside of China. How do westerners view towards Chinese people? This is a very interesting...

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Sunlight and Air – A Chinese Pop Song

你是陽光空氣 You’re the sunshine and the air 每一秒都需要你 I need you every second 你是舌尖上的雨水 You’re the raindrop on the tip of my tongue 我的每日所需 My daily essential 你是我的陽光空氣 You’re my sunshine and my air 這心跳最需要你 The heartbeat needs you 你是那喜悅的淚水 You’re the tear of joy 一切幸福的必需 Essential for all happiness 你是我的 陽光 空氣 You’re my sunshine and my air 每一秒的 必需 必需 Essential for every second 你是我的 喜悅 淚水 You’re my joy and tear 每一秒的 必需 必需 必需 Essential for every single second Have a great...

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Three Pigs

The story between the 3 pigs and the bad wolf is well known. Probably your child has already heard the story. Well, here is the Disney animation of this story in Chinese. It would be a great addition to tell the story...

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Little White Rabbit

Little white rabbit White so white With two ears standing It loves to eat carrots and cabbage… This song brings back a lot of sweet memories for any Chinese person. It is one of the classic Chinese children’s songs that almost everybody in China knows. Well, now your child is about to learn it too! You can get the lyrics of this song and other 11 Chinese children’s songs by clicking...

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