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Use Role Plays to Motivate Children to Learn Chinese

Children learn language in a quite different way from which adults learn. They repeat what they hear and they apply what they learn in new, similar situations. If they get it right, they know it by observing and getting feedback from others. If they get it wrong, they adjust it till they know it is correct. Have You Ever Seen Children Playing? Have you seen children playing the vegetable and  fruit stand game? One child takes the role as the clerk working in the shop, another child plays to be the customer, sometimes you can see a child playing...

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Dad, Where Are We Going?

“Dad, Where Are We Going?” is a reality show which is really popular in China these days. It is now Season 3. 5 celebrity Dads went to different places with their children to accomplish different tasks. Away from work and stress, Dads spend their time and show their love to their children during the whole journey; all the children, with different personalities, enjoy the company of their Dads and have found friendship among themselves. It is a really good TV program. I enjoyed watching it with my daughter. I believe you will enjoy watching it with your child...

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Tuttle Chinese For Kids Flash Cards Kit Review

Tuttle Publishing is one of the top publishers of books rooted in Asian culture, language, and history. I received 2 books from Tuttle Publishing recently: one is ” My First Book of Chinese Words” and the other is “Chinese For Kids Flash Cards“. Both books are beautifully designed and printed. Here I would like to review “Chinese for Kids Flash Cards” and will do another review soon for “My First Book of Chinese Words“. First, I would like to show you the whole unboxing process: This kit contains 64 flash cards, an audio CD, a wall chart and a learning guide. The 64...

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6 Reasons You Should Learn Chinese Characters

I often hear people say, “I am learning Chinese. Is it OK  to learn only how to speak? Chinese characters are too hard. ” Indeed, given the fact that there are more than 10,000 characters in Chinese, it seems to be a huge task to master them all. Plus, with the aid of Pinyin, a person can learn to speak in Chinese quite quickly. Why do we still need to learn Chinese characters? Here are the 6 reasons: Listening, speaking, reading and writing are the four major skills in learning any languages. If only listening and speaking are mastered,...

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How to Write Spring in Chinese

  春 means Spring in Chinese. It is a beautiful character which features 日 (sun), 草 (grass) and 木(wood). It is spring time, the sun becomes bright and strong; grass and wood start to grow. It is the season life starts and grows. In Chinese New Year decoration, many times people can find 春 embedded in the decoration. Chinese New Year is also called Spring Festival in China. When the Chinese New Year started, spring is not far away. 春 actually is quite easy to write. Follow the steps and you can easily write...

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