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Chinese Animation: Three Monks

“三个和尚”(Three Monks) is a classic story in Chinese. Long time ago, there was a temple on top of a mountain. There is a river at the foot of the mountain. At first, one monk moved to live in the temple. He had to fetch water every day from the river. Later, another monk moved in the temple, they decided to carry water together from the river. It went well till the arrival of the third monk… They fought about who should go to fetch water as nobody wanted to be the one, which resulted in no water in the...

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Autumn Theme Word Wall Words in Chinese

The falling leaves, abundance in food, richness in colors and the beautiful but a bit chilly weather all tell us that Autumn has arrived. It is a really interesting theme for children to learn. What are the things we often see in Autumn, leaves, apples, pumpkin, corns, oranges, spiders, turkey, etc…How about learning all of them in Chinese?   You can download this word wall below: Or, you can purchase the pack with word walls for all the four seasons:...

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Should children learn how to write Chinese characters

As Chinese has become one of the most popular foreign languages in the world, more and more people are learning Chinese. Most of the learners, however, all face a common issue: Remembering Chinese characters is not easy; writing the characters is a even harder chore. Let’s go through some of the common questions and determine the importance of character writing in Chinese learning. Is there “Chinese Alphabet”? Have you heard of “Chinese alphabet”? I was surprised when I first heard of it. Does Chinese really have alphabet? The answer is NO. Unlike the phonetic languages like English, Chinese is...

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My First book of Chinese Words review

In addition to Tuttle Chinese For Kids Flash Cards Kit, I received “My First Book of Chinese Words: An ABC Rhyming Book” from Tuttle Publishing. I was first impressed by the quality of printing and the illustration which is in a traditional way. When I skimmed through the book, I did not see many Chinese characters and I was wondering that it does not seem to a book to Chinese words. However, when I read more closely, I realized that it is actually a very unique book which lists the common Chinese words based on their pronunciation organized in...

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China Aerial Photography by National Geographic Channel

“China, a vast land, with one of the most diverse cultures on earth, now revealed like never before… This epic journey from the air will discover how ancient traditions, engineering, agriculture, and natural wonders, shaped this great nation and continue to forge modern-day China after centuries of seclusion, China is now revealed…” This powerful prologue opened this fantastic video with beautiful photos which reveal different aspects of China from tradition, culture to its modern...

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Role Play for Children to Learn Chinese

Children learn language in a quite different way from which adults learn. They repeat what they hear and they apply what they learn in new, similar situations. If they get it right, they know it by observing and getting feedback from others. If they get it wrong, they adjust it till they know it is correct. Have you seen children playing the vegetable and  fruit stand game? One child plays to be the person working in the shop, another child plays to be the customer, sometimes you can see a child playing the cashier too. They act to ask for the fresh vegetables and fruits, their price; the clerk introduces products and tries to convince the customer to buy them; and of course, the customer has to pay in the end. Once it is over, they will change roles and act it out from the start again. This is a perfect example of a ROLE PLAY. Children are very good at creating scenario and act out different roles. When acting out different roles, children use different tones or ways of communication to make the scenario realistic. Sometimes they run into argument of how the play should be like and usually they come up with a solution which satisfy everyone involved. In role plays,  children practice their social skills as well as language skills. It is also a fun exercise...

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Dad, Where Are We Going?

“Dad, Where Are We Going?” is a reality show which is really popular in China these days. It is now Season 3. 5 celebrity Dads went to different places with their children to accomplish different tasks. Away from work and stress, Dads spend their time and show their love to their children during the whole journey; all the children, with different personalities, enjoy the company of their Dads and have found friendship among themselves. It is a really good TV program. I enjoyed watching it with my daughter. I believe you will enjoy watching it with your child...

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Tuttle Chinese For Kids Flash Cards Kit Review

Tuttle Publishing is one of the top publishers of books rooted in Asian culture, language, and history. I received 2 books from Tuttle Publishing recently: one is ” My First Book of Chinese Words” and the other is “Chinese For Kids Flash Cards“. Both books are beautifully designed and printed. Here I would like to review “Chinese for Kids Flash Cards” and will do another review soon for “My First Book of Chinese Words“. First, I would like to show you the whole unboxing process: This kit contains 64 flash cards, an audio CD, a wall chart and a learning guide. The 64...

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