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Oh Life The English version of Chinese song Later

Do you know that some popular Chinese songs have their English versions too? Sofia Kallgren, the Swedish singer, re-sings several Chinese songs in English. Life is one of them. It is a song sung by Ruoying Liu, named “LATER”, which was popular in China for a long time. Let’s listen to the English version first, Oh life,the wonders that you bring 噢 生活 你所带来的惊喜 The beauty I can see 我所能看到的美丽 That I keep deep inside of me 我都铭记在内心深处 Oh life,I feel that I can breathe again 噢 生活 我觉得我又能再次能呼吸了 In a world where love will still remain 在一个还有爱的世界里 Choose...

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Picture Book in Chinese: Rosie’s Walk in Chinese

Picture books is a great way to introduce reading to children. There are many excellent English picture books now available in Chinese. Rosie’s Walk is one of them. This is a very simple (yet surprisingly sophisticated, from a humorous point of view) story. A chick named Rosie decides to take a walk one day. She is immediately followed by a fox who is searching for a meal. During the entire pursuit the poor fox receives one mishap after another and they were all initiated by the chick who was totally unaware of the disasters. The illustration of the book...

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How not to discourage children from reading Chinese books

First of all, we should keep in mind: all children love books by nature. The reading journey starts from being read to by parents, to reading together, to finally reading independently. The beginning of the journey, esp. the journey of Chinese reading, requires nurturing. We need to be careful not to discourage children. Put the Willingness of the Child into Consideration Sometimes parents ask the children to read when they are playing. If the children are “invited” by force to read, they won’t pay full attention to the books. They may be sitting next to the parent, but their...

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BBC Chinese New Year Documentary Series

Chinese New Year, or Chinese Spring Festival is the biggest celebration for Chinese people. People travel from everywhere in the country back home to get together with families to celebrate it. Here I would like to share with you a 3-part series of documentary videos from BBC on Chinese New Year. It is a really good series which not only shows Chinese culture and traditions, but also the landscape and people across the country. Here they...

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Craft Ideas for the Year of Monkey

Feb 08 starts the Chinese New Year of Monkey. Monkies are lively, smart and sociable, so are the people born in the year. Here I would like to list some simple craft ideas for children to celebrate its arrival. 1. Toilet Paper Roll Monkey 1 What you need Old Toilet Paper Rolls Dark Brown Paint Sponge Brush Dark and Light Brown Crafting Foam Brown Magic Marker Googly Eyes Glue Brown Pipe Cleaners Refer the instructions HERE. 2. Toilet paper roll monkeys 2 What You Need toilet paper roll brown paint beige paper googly eyes black marker brown pipe cleaners...

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Supplies for Chinese New Year and Culture Celebration

There are many occasions we celebrate Chinese culture and traditions. Chinese new year, also called Spring Festival, is a great chance. International Day is another great event. China study is for sure the 3rd opportunity to embrace Chinese culture and traditions to our children’s lives. However, it is not always easy to find the Chinese elements for decoration, for celebration, for activities and for further reading. Having been asked many times, I finally put pieces of information together and compiled a list of supplies. They are categorized into Decoration, Activities and Celebration. I also linked the Top 7 Books...

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4 Strategies for Successful Chinese Learning

It is hard to believe 2015 is nearly over. When you look back, don’t you feel that this is a year full of action, achievement and good time? When I sit down to think of the resolutions for the next year, I ask myself what I have done right this year and what has been working well. I would like to share with you the 4 strategies which I hope will bring you and your child a successful Chinese learning experience in 2016. Strategy #1 : Set SMART Goals You want your child to learn Mandarin Chinese, but what...

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The 7 Popular Eucational Supplies for Chinese Teaching and Learning

Every few months we’d like to report back to the Chinese4kids community the popular educational supplies which we have found useful in teaching and learning. Today we are going to take a look at the top educational supplies which can help set up an effective learning environment for children. 1. Wall Pocket Chart Wall pocket chart is quite useful for daily display of Chinese characters or phrases. The characters and phrases are easy to be replaced. It is a fantastic classroom tool, good for school and for home. 2. Low Odor Dry Erase Markers These markers are great to...

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