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12 Chinese Phrases to Say Hello and Goodbye

Greetings are important for all of us. It is useful to know some greeting phrases in various languages even if we do not know the languages. So even if you don’t want to learn Chinese, it is good to know some phrases to say hello and goodbye. And they are quite easy. Here are 7 Chinese phrases to say Hello and 5 to say Goodbye. Hello in Chinese 1. 你好 Nǐ hǎo! Hello (It is a casual expression to say Hello.) 2. 您好 Nín hǎo! Hello (It is a formal or polite expression to say Hello.) 3. 你们好 Nǐmen hǎo!...

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Why is Learning Chinese Numbers Important

Numbers in Chinese are comparatively easy. Once a person learns 1-10, it is easy for him/her to learn 11-99. What Can We Do with the Chinese Numbers In Chinese, numbers one to ten are the most basic ones to learn. Once they are mastered, it is easy to move forward: – You can count higher Many people wonder why Chinese people are good at basic maths.  Well, Chinese number structure is very logical. That must be the reason. Above number 10, it works as tens plus the unit. For example, 33 in Chinese is 三十三 (sān shí sān ), which...

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Eight Inspirational English Sayings That Are Also Inspirational in Chinese

There are some sayings in English that are so inspirational that we would like to find out how to say them in other languages. Here I have selected 8 great sayings that I believe all of us can get strength, encouragement and inspiration, in both English and Chinese. 1. Actions speak louder than words. 行动比语言更响亮。 xíngdòng bǐ yǔyán gèng xiǎngliàng 2. Wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand. 脑中有知识,胜过手中有金钱。 nǎo zhōng yǒu zhīshì,? Shèngguò shǒuzhōng yǒu jīnqián. 3. Nothing is impossible for a willing heart. 心之所愿,无所不成 xīn zhī suǒ yuàn, wú suǒ bùchéng 4. The...

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What are the Chinese Punctuation Marks

Like English, there are many punctuation marks to organize and clarify the Chinese language. There are some similar punctuation marks as well as some different marks. So, what are the Chinese punctuation marks? In fact, we can categorize the Chinese punctuation marks into two groups: the ones that are similar to the western punctuation marks and the ones that only exist in the Chinese language. Punctuation Marks that are similar to the Western Ones Because punctuation marks in Chinese are actually derived from the Western language system, there are some common marks which have the same appearance, meaning and...

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8 Hours a Week Mandarin Chinese in UK School

As China is gaining more and more power, Mandarin Chinese as a language is gaining more and more attention. So it is not surprising to read the news from UK on Sept 07, titled as “More than 5,000 children to learn Mandarin  as part of the £10m scheme to make Britain more competitive globally“. What is the program about? The project is called Mandarin Excellence Program. The British government is going to invest £10million. More than 5,000 state secondary school pupils will intensively study the Mandarin Chinese language for 8 hours a week over the next 4 years. The aim...

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