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Charlie and Lola 1 I will not ever NEVER eat a tomato

Charlie and Lola are two famous characters in a series of the picture books and later adapted as TV animation characters. In the series, Lola is an energetic and imaginative little girl while Charlie is a patient and kind older brother. In the very first episode, Lola was at first refused to taste any food, but then tried and fell in love with them with Charlie’s patient guidance and her own...

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A Bite of China 2

Following the successful A Bite of China Season 1, the first episode of Bite of China 2 was launched on April 18, 2014. 1. Heart Transmit The first episode, as the title suggests, focuses on homemade local food which not only accompanies people on the road, but also becomes the taste which remains on the tip of the tongue and in the heart of those who moved to places far away from hometown… 2. Come Across Ways of making some food have been passed on from generation to generation. Making the food is not only a tradition but also an art and hard work. In this episode, we can watch how rapeseed oil, noodle and rice products are produced in the traditional way. We can also watch how some cuisine skills such as cutting are passed on from Shifu (master) to Tudi (apprentice). 3. Seasons In the right season, the food is fresh, at its peak, at its taste as well as its flavor. To cook and serve the seasonal food has been a real joy for many Chinese people. Seasonal food differ from place to place and from one season to the other. Let’s enjoy them by watching the video! 4. Three Meals Three meals are not only meals, they are an enjoyment for people. People get together to enjoy each of the meals. In a life we...

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2048 Game to Learn Vocabulary

Have you played the game 2048? If not, give it a try. It is such a simple but totally entertaining app which has become the new hit after the app Flappy Bird. The game was recently released (in March I believe) and it has quickly climbed up the popularity charts. The game is super easy, all that a user has to do is to wipe number tiles to sum up 2s, 4s, 8s, 16s, and so on till the number becomes 2048. Every time two numbers are summed up, a new number tile shows up. The challenge is to keep clearing the board. It is really fun game and can keep you thinking all the time. While I was challenging myself playing the game, I thought what if I replace the number tiles with Chinese characters, and it could be a vocabulary building game for children, even adults! Here it is, the animal vocabulary 2048 Game, which is tailored to our eBook “Animals Rock“. Enjoy and Do let me know how you like it! Or, let me know about your...

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Chinese Legend: Legend of White Snake

There is a beautiful lake in the city of Hangzhou, its name is West Lake. Lots of love stories have taken place in this romantic place. Among all of them, the most famous one is a story between Xuxian, a scholar and a white snake who took the shape of a pretty woman. Here is the story in animation. Have a look and enjoy not only the story but also the beautiful paintings. If you want to know more about West Lake and the famous show “Impressions of West Lake”, you can have a look at Impressions of West...

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