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Mid-Autumn Festival

Sept 08 is Aug 15 in Chinese lunar calendar. It is so called Mid-Autumn festival, a festival for families to get together to enjoy fruit, eat moon cake and admire the round moon. Here is a good introduction of this important festival: There is a story about moon — Chang E. To watch the story, please visit here. If you want to find out even more, there is a famous song “Bright Moon Sends Yearning Over A Thousand Miles” which expresses deep yearning of the loved ones over great...

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How to Use Popplet for Mind-mapping

There are some good apps in iPad for creating mind maps. My favorite one is called Popplet. With some learning, even children at Kindergarten age can create good mind maps. HOW DOES IT WORK It is quite easy to use Popplet. Here are the basic steps: 1. Open the app and click on the banner “make new popplet”. 2. Give a name to the popplet, I gave a name as “Summer”. Then click on “make it so!” and you are ready to create. 3. Now you have a blank page of one popplet in the middle. 4. Click on the grey circles around the popplet and create other linking popplets. You can change the frame colors and font sizes to make your popplet attractive. Normally the central theme is located in the center and all the other words can be put in the connecting popplets. You can also handwrite or type text; of course you can insert images or free draw pictures to make the mind map even clearer. For young children, it is totally OK for them to draw and speak about their drawings and the connection among them. Once the popplet is done, it can be saved locally on iPad. It can also be emailed as either an image or PDF. To do it, you just need to click on “export” and choose the right command. Here...

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Beautiful China – Jiuzhaigou

It is summer time, a great time to travel. There are many beautiful places in China, Jiuzhaigou is for sure one of the most amazing places one can enjoy in summer time. Jiuzhaigou valley (九寨沟)is located in the north of Sichuan province. It is a nature reserve and national park, famous for its multi-level waterfalls, colorful lakes, and snow-capped...

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Chinese Characters

Chinese characters have 5000 years of history. How did they originate? How did they look like and how did they evolve over the time? In this video, you can find out the story and history of several characters: 日(sun), 鸟(bird), 林(trees), 水(water), 鱼(fish) and so...

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London Bridge is Falling Down in Chinese

London Bridge is Falling Down is a famous nursery rhyme in English. There is a Chinese version, basically the exact translation of the lyrics. Easy for children, esp. those who are familiar with the original song, to memorize. You can get the lyrics of this song and other 11 Chinese children’s songs by clicking...

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Chinese is One of the Hardest Languages to Learn

Would like to share with you a very interesting infographic “The Hardest Languages to Learn”. According to this infographic, Spanish, Italian and French are easy to learn; Russian, Hindi and Greek and medium to lean; and Chinese is among the top 4 most difficult languages to learn! There are many factors determining how hard a language is to be learned, number of hours which has to be devoted to learning is one of the key factor. According to this infographic, the easy languages require 23-24 weeks, or 576-600 hours to learn; the medium languages require 44 weeks, or 1,100 hours to learn; and hard ones require double the time — 88 weeks or 2,200 class hours! Keeping this in mind and keep on going with Chinese learning! Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community –...

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