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Take Me to China Exhibition in Children’s Museum in Indianapolis

Children’s Museum in Indianapolis is now having an excellent exhibition on China. The Theme is “Take Me There: China“. You first board onto an airplane and fly over the great wall, forbidden city and some other places then you land in Beijing. Once you are in China, you can go to several places, such as a home, a tea house, a pharmacy, a supermarket, a restaurant and Shaolin Temple. Have a look at the tea house and the pharmacy. In these places visitors can learn Chinese culture and tradition through music, art, food, Gongfu, Chinese traditional medicine and tea...

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Charlie and Lola6: I am Just not Keen on Spiders

In this episode, Charlie and Lola found a spider in their house. Lola liked insects, but not spiders. She was afraid of spiders because they were everywhere, and they moved fast. Charlie told Lola that spiders were actually smart. He caught the spider and then they decided to set him free outside of their house. What happened next, watch...

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Did you speak Chinese today?

We’ve decided to go to USA for Christmas holidays. Well, I need US visa. I had an appointment in the US Consulate in Florence. After my documents were turned in and checked, I had an interview with the official. To my amazement, this gentleman started to speak Chinese with me! Imagine in an European country where not everybody speaks English, not to mention Chinese, here came an American who spoke Chinese pretty well! I have to admit: I was totally thrilled! Chinese, like all the other languages, need practice. Spoken Chinese actually is not that hard. The key is to make use of any opportunity to start a conversation. If you meet a Chinese, try to impress him/her with your language skills! Did you speak Chinese...

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Gratitude Journal in Chinese

There is only one week away from Thanksgiving. It is time for all of us to be grateful for what we have and what we have received from others. It is also a good time for children to start a gratitude journal. I have created a template here for you to print out and start the journal with your children from today! [pdf width=”640px”...

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Picture book in Chinese – Starry Sky

This is a very beautiful picture books written and illustrated by Jimmy Liao. On the preface of the book, it reads “Wherever there is shade, there is light.” The story is about a young girl who felt she was not understood by adults and therefore she closed her heart to outside world. She was lonely and unhappy. Until one day she met a boy who was unhappy too. These two young children however found a way to be open to each other, esp. when they went to a mountain area looking at the starry night. It is a really touching story about adolescents seeking to find themselves. The illustrations, as in all of Jimmy Liao’s books, are amazingly...

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